Safety is a top priority at The Woodlands Young Learners Academy.  To ensure the safety of our students, TWYLA’s state-of-the-art facility is designed to provide maximum enjoyment in a safe environment, while offering an additional piece of mind for TWYLA parents.

Building Security

Security begins when entering the lobby.  To gain access to the building, each family is issued a dedicated code, ensuring that only authorized people enter the building.  Located in the lobby is TWYLA’s Monitor Wall.  The monitor wall is equipped with color monitors providing TWYLA’s management team convenient visual access to each classroom without disturbing any classroom instruction.  It also allows parents to drop-in, “peek” in on their child, and observe their learning environment.  During TWYLA’s hours of operations, the lobby area is constantly manned with a dedicated staff member.

Furniture & Equipment

To provide the highest quality and safest outdoor fun, TWYLA’s playground is furnished with Little Tikes®, a leader in children’s playground equipment.

TWYLA’s classroom furnishings are made of the highest quality materials.  Each element has vinyl corder moldings and protective edge bands to keep students as safe as possible.  Incorporated into TWYLA’s safety inspections, all furniture has regularly scheduled inspections along with daily visual inspections by our staff.  In addition, all toys are part of TWYLA’s Toy Replacement Program, where each toy is regularly evaluated for wear and function.  Any toy not meeting TWYLA’s standards is replaced.  Any equipment or furniture that is deemed broken or unsafe is immediately taken out of service for repairs or replacement.