Parent’s Corner


One of the key indicators to ensure that students are receiving the best early childhood education for their future is the communication between parents and their students, and more importantly, between our parents and our teachers.  The Woodlands Young Learners Academy utilizes a variety of communication tools in providing our parents with the most accurate and up-to-date information concerning your child’s daily events and triumphs.

Parents with students in our Early Learner program’s receive daily activity reports, report cards (every 9 weeks,) and parent teacher conference options.  All other age group students will receive a comprehensive annual parent-teacher conference, our monthly newsletter publication, TWYLA Times™, each core curriculum teacher will have an individual e-mail address for direct communications, and continuous website updates.


The focus of The Woodlands Young Learners Academy is to provide an exciting and safe educational experience for its students.  At The Woodlands Young Learners Academy, a parent is not just a parent ~ you are a Young Learner Parent.  To fulfill the responsibility to students and their families requires developing a “Partnership” with the parents.  The Woodlands Young Learners Academy offers a number of “Young Learner Parent Benefits” that will make every parent’s daily routine just a little bit easier.

Some of the Young Learner Parent amenities include: