From the moment parents and children enter The Woodlands Young Learners Academy reception area, they will know they have arrived in a truly special place. It is from there that their adventure begins.

For Young Learner Parents, there are complimentary services including a coffee bar, dry cleaning drop-off, general corporate services, wireless internet and more. The facility also includes, a wall of color monitors providing that last glimpse of their little one and continuous viewing of their activities throughout the day. Young Learner Parents will also have access to the latest in security features with a touch screen sign in monitor, where important messages, account inquiries, and reminders are received.

As each student enters the interactive hallway, they will be greeted by a six-foot aquarium abundant with an assortment of fish highlighting the underwater world.

Leading to the classrooms, students will pass the specialty rooms that children transition to throughout the day, drawing them into the ideal learning environment.  And at the end of an invigorating day, a complimentary juice and “Bye-Bye” snack bar is available for TWYLA students to refuel before heading home to tell their parents about the day’s adventures.


The Woodlands Young Learners Academy specifically engineered each classroom for your Young Learner’s enthusiastic pursuit of discovery in mind. As an extension of The Woodlands Young Learners Academy philosophy of preparing each child for their future academic careers, our “Little Learner’s” through our Kinder 1st™ Program will transition to their specialty classrooms and different teachers throughout the day offering each student a variety of experiences, and further preparing our students for their next level of education.

An assortment of themed-based educational and instructional activities and software are available in each classroom to both challenge and enhance young inquisitive minds.

Bold’s Gym

Bold’s Gym is where the all action takes place.  Bold’s Gym will be utilized for large motor skills development and activity, as well as rainy day activities.  Bold’s Gym will also be host to after school dance instruction, karate, and other activities.

Mathematics & Applied Sciences Institute

“Life revolves around science” and at The Mathematics and Applied Sciences Institute, students experience and participate first hand in a host of scientific experiments that proves such a statement.

The TWYLA Presidential Library

The TWYLA Presidential Library is the most comprehensive reading environment available. Inviting child sized furniture and an awe-inspiring selection of children’s books promotes a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for TWYLA Learners to explore the never-ending world of creativity and imagination.

Beginning with the Little Learners, students will have the opportunity to check out library books, and establish a nightly reading routine.  Checking out library books along with a solid daily reading foundation is one of the many unique experiences students gain at TWYLA.  The local Woodlands schools introduce both of these practices in their respective kindergarten programs.

Story time, reading and literature units are all incorporated into this fantastic experience.

TWYLA Technologies

TWYLA Technologies is a one-of-a-kind computer lab that represents the latest in computer equipment and software. The courses offered in the Technologies lab will be like no other!

This room is host to state-of-the-art computers that provide essential technology development for each student.

TWYLA Technologies allows students to expand and apply their newly learned skills while using the most up-to-date computers and software available.

TWYLA City Music Hall & Theatre

Modeled after the world famous Radio City Music Hall®, a marquis greets parents and students outside the TWYLA Music Hall and Theater notifying parents of upcoming school events, announcements, and important TWYLA dates.

The Music Hall and Theater, home to the theatrical stage, will host a variety of activities including puppet and musical performances, TWYLA Production Company theatrical presentations, and rainy day play.

Inside TWYLA City Music Hall and Theatre, students have access to and experience a variety of music-oriented activities including musical programs, music development using movement, and music appreciation.