As a leading provider of kindergarten and early childhood education, The Woodlands Young Learners Academy Education Programming Department has designed an exclusive “Gifted and Talented” based curriculum, utilizing the Gifted Program Standards principals.  The objective of the program is to “unlock” each student’s potential to achieve higher-level thinking in preparing him or her for a lifetime of academic success.

The Woodlands Young Learners Academy offers preschool and kindergarten education to children beginning at age 18 months.  Our experienced and knowledgeable Academic Enrichment Team are committed to the education and well-being of our students and their families in order to prepare for seamless transitions through each stage of their child’s education including providing the academic and social framework needed when entering elementary school.

Each program is specifically designed to ensure that the basic skills are mastered, while making certain that the Gifted Program Standards, which are designated desirable and visionary conditions for excellence in gifted education programming practice.